The beginnings…

In 1978, the possibility of building a gymnasium in the Doncaster Primary School was discussed with the school and various groups interested in basketball, gymnastics, badminton, etc.

Meanwhile a ladies badminton group was started using some available daytime space at the Thompsons Road Hall (BTYC Hall). Ted Ajani Hall has now replaced the BTYC Hall.

The Doncaster Templestowe Recreation Association (DTRA) was formed in late 1983 under the auspices of the Local Council to oversee the use and maintenance of Council community sporting facilities.

The then Program Director (R. Close) commenced work in March 1984 to organise and develop evening badminton in Thompsons Road Hall. Evening badminton commenced on Monday night.

The school continued discussions with DTRA. The school hall would be one of DTRA’s facilities with a local managerial group.

Badminton began to gain in popularity. Three evenings a week were organised at the Thompsons Road Hall. Discussions started as to the possibility of using the DPS hall as the home venue for badminton.

Badminton players in the area wanted to manage their own centre. Submissions were presented to DTRA that DTBA would become the local Managerial Authority.

DTRA supported DTBA proposal. Mr Ron Steadson commenced work in the pre-planning of DTBA and their management procedures. Preliminary discussions took place re financing of the building. The Council partly financed the building and were given a 40 year lease on the hall.

Construction of the building took place. It finished in early 1987. DTBA was installed as the Management Group and we had uninterrupted badminton ever since.

DTRA has since been replaced by MRA (Manningham Recreation Association).

Many thanks go to those who had the foresight and interest of badminton at heart.

Written by Eddie Teh

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